Create fast and dynamic web pages using AJAX

Learn Ajax to create interactive web application. This chapter will help you to learn Ajax technologies, action, security, examples, etc. You will also be able to learn Ajax examples with other technologies such as XML and PHP.

AJAX Security

AJAX Security: Server Side

  • AJAX-based Web applications use the same server-side security schemes of regular Web applications.

  • You specify authentication, authorization, and data protection requirements in your web.xml file (declarative) or in your program (programmatic).

  • AJAX-based Web applications are subject to the same security threats as regular Web applications.

AJAX Security: Client Side

  • JavaScript code is visible to a user/hacker. Hacker can use JavaScript code for inferring server-side weaknesses.

  • JavaScript code is downloaded from the server and executed ("eval") at the client and can compromise the client by mal-intended code.

  • Downloaded JavaScript code is constrained by the sand-box security model and can be relaxed for signed JavaScript.